List of Services

Our Wholesale offerings include:

Picture Framing

Bring in any sized picture and either choose a moulding, or ask for our assistance in helping you to match a moulding to your picture.  We carry over 600 mouldings, and if you don’t see one that is quite right for you, we can always order from a large catalogue selection.

Custom Matting

We will help you choose the right colors of matting for your picture and can custom cut the mat to any size you need.

Diploma Framing

Whether it’s for one diploma, or a whole class, we will provide for your diploma framing needs.  We can even print your class logo and graduating class year onto a mat of your selection.  Diploma frames always make a great gift for a recent or upcoming graduate.

Picture Framing Parts

We can offer a large assortment of parts if you choose to assemble your own frame or frames.  Below are the offered frame parts:

Canvas Stretches and Framing

Bring in your canvas artwork, and we’ll stretch it for you onto any sized custom wood frame for you.

Shadow Boxes Assembly

If you’re looking to display your art or collectibles in a shadow box, we can help.  We’ll create for you the depth you’re looking for in a shadow box to display your artwork.

Framing for Home Theater

We have a large selection of mouldings to compliment your home theater screen.  Easy to install, and with a large selection to choose from, we would be glad to help you select a frame to showcase your home theater.

Mass Production Framing Assembly

No order is too large for us.  We frequently are called to assemble a mass quantity of an identical frame. 

If you have a job in mind and would like a quote, give us a call at: 937-898-8264.  We would be glad to work with you.

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